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Youngduk Agriculture and fisheries Union Corporation is composed of
farmers and fishermen to pursue the areal prosperity and value of share
at the era of areal specialization in 21st century through the developing
of areal resources and processing technology of fisheries foods.
We have business items and technology using areal specialized
resources and we developed Youngduk Gejang (seasoned crab's organs),
Youngduk crab Jangjorim (crab boiled down in soy sauce),
Youngduk Geganjang (crab soy sauce) and extra through Youngduk crab
and sea urchin which are areal specialties of Kyungsangbuk-Do Youngduk Gun, especially those were selected as "excellent specialties' at recommended area by the governor of Youngduk Gun with cooperation of Youngduk Gun. Also we were selected as ”New technology development corporation” by The Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Technology innovation development corporation" by Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, we are trying to develop technologies for better products constantly. By the areal specialized products which are different from existing products, we are promoting the business to help areal economy.
Business areas and objectives
  • Youngduk Agriculture and fisheries Union Corporation is concerning
    the healthy food culture including sea and nature,
    and practicing customer centered management.
  • Youngduk Agriculture and fisheries Union Corporation developed
    new technology to protect color change to black color because of
    crab's special character and meat stiffening which were not solved
    in the past because of lack of skills, so those can be con-taining
    to can and bottle with modem processing to enjoy it as natural taste as itself.
  • Moved the natural taste as itself from clean water area of Korean east sea.
    Is it very cumbersome and difficult to shell and eat the meat by hand? Now you can enjoy Youngduk crab at home or at the outside easily.

  • YD-Korea    CEO : Park Jae ho    Company Registration Number : 507-82-03858    E-mail :
    Address : 945, Geumho 1-ri, Ganggu-myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea    Tel : +82-54-734-0063    Fax : +82-54-734-0511
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