Origin of Youngduk Gejang

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There was a town that some houses were clustered in that town toward sea
on the top of cliff below Kyungjung village of original town of
Youngduk Daege (King crab). In the past, early of Goryeo dynasty,
the poors lived together one by one here because they did not have
land to build their own houses. They survived by fishing at sea because
they do not have land also to farm. Because their houses were built on
the top of the cliff, there were no yard and no fence at each houses,
that town was a very specific place as the yard is path.

However, peoples of this town were full of energy and ageless in spite of
difficult life, also women had smooth skin and looked pretty, so this town was called as Yongnye Ri (the town that maid of dragon King lives) by neighboring villages because maid of dragon King lives at this town.

One day, a governor who manage that province searched carefully with curiosity, he found that unusually those poor peoples in this town eat boiled crab's organ which was preserved in salt and putted in pot long-time. Usually, people eat meat only and throw away the rest, but they make Gejang (seasoned crab's organs) and enjoy those, so governor tasted it It was very tasty to him, so he offered this to King, and King also tasted it and gave the words for it as The taste of crab from east sea is precious' and let carrier in the palace and let him make the Gejang (seasoned crab's organs), and could make various kinds of side dishes which were preserved in salt from that time.

This town is called as Suk Ri these days, around 20 household are there, there is Dragon Rock at the end of this town. It has very nice view, located at seaside with rock faces at left and right side.

Youngduk Gejang (seasoned crab's organs) was developed to popularize by master Park Jeaho who is a mystagogue of Park's family's secret methods, and received the excellent reputation from National Institute of food Evaluation in Ministry for Food, Agri-culture, Forestry and Fisheries, and also it was patent registered, specialized food that was recommended by the governor of Youngduk Gun.

There are much essential fatty acid (DHA, EPA and extra) as omega 3 in Gejang (seasoned crab's organs), it is very helpful to our health. We hope that you can taste of mild old kitchen and precious taste of master's hand.

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