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Crab bucket, bottled
  • This development products ingredients are allowed to remove the non-plant harvested
    screening built it in the trunk and long-term distribution while maintaining the
    nutrients and flavor contained in the concentrate at a high concentration,
    and then crab products packed in cans of food to and It has developed
    a symbolic foods.
  • Crab meat jangjorim
  • It used to buy and built to screen the attic and to processed products,
    while maintaining the original unique flavor and sikimyeo reduce production costs by
    varying its use, improve productivity, crab concentrated to help increase the added
    value of products and we developed a crab meat jangjorim food.
    Implemented a food for the consumer to sign a crab and crab meat is yirum strike
    a balance in the body.
  • Canned sea urchin
  • To be processed by taking the eggs of sea urchins that live on the East Coast of Korea
    do regardless of taste and smell excellent location and time simple to use and
    has to ingestion is easy.
  • Crab meat barrels, bottling and related goods
  • Was a processed food using pure crab meat generally, it's easy ingestion is regardless
    of place and time, by separate processing it difficult round state to ingestion is easy,
    and the value added by the current export of frozen semi-finished products exported
    to the finished form It has to create.

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